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About me…

Just someone who’s trying to live life, one day/one step/one breath at a time…
Someone who, here, now, in this moment, is the perfect expression of himself

My name is Carl Andrew Winemiller.  I also have another name, my faerie name: Liea (pronounced: lye-ee-ay).  Here in the default reality I go by Andy.  Though for those who appreciate and understand what makes a faerie name different, you may feel free to call me by mine.  The name Liea was given to me by one of my dearest friends.  It means “Light that transforms.”

My interests are multitude and varied but include the following, in no particular order:

camping, writing, cooking, poetry, coffee, tea, computers, tech geekery, beer, traveling, summer, going commando, kilts/sarongs, music, reading…and many more

What can one say about themself that isn’t some sort of aggrandizement?

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  • shebang says:

    I love your work! You rock my socks off! You’re my favorite writer in the whole world.

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